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A modern health monitoring and management platform.

Making health management intuitive, easily accessible and personalized.

50 Characteristics Checkup Personalized vitamin and mineral formula of 100 20 Swiss ingredients Consultation with a nutritionist Exercise with a personal fitness coach.

20 eight characteristic checkup Personalized Swiss formula for vitamin and micronutrient supplementation Online session with fitness coach.

Vitamin and mineral complexes.

What granules are used in bioniq products.

– Gluten – Preservatives – Flavors – Dyes.

The level of toxicity is low, which promotes the absorption of the component.

Bioniq uses the inner part of the acacia seed (Guar), because it benefits the intestinal microflora. The guar also binds water, allowing the active ingredients to disperse and be slowly released into the bloodstream.

Our proprietary Swiss development ensures that bioniq pellets are absorbed before the active ingredients are fully absorbed.

Unlike standard supplements and vitamins, bioniq pellets release their active ingredients over a twelve-hour period instead of a four-hour period. By taking our formula twice a day, you get all your vitamins, minerals and micronutrients without interruption.